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Rare Breed Poultry in East Yorkshire

Asselby Chucks Hens Hotel

 Going on holiday and nobody to look after your poultry whilst you are away?

We offer a chicken boarding service. Your chickens will have their own dedicated houses and runs with access to grass.

Cost for a small coop, to house up to 3 chickens, is £3 per night.

Cost for a medium coop, to house up to 5 chickens, is £5 per night.

Price includes:

Fully sanitised coop on arrival

All feed / water/ bedding provided (Fancy Feeds Layers & Mixed Corn)

Birds locked away at night and let out in the morning

Shade provided as required

Coops moved onto fresh grass regularly

Drop off and collection times by prior arrangement.

Payment required in full when birds dropped off.

Terms & condition of boarding.

All birds will be checked for obvious signs of disease on arrival. We reserve the right to refuse any birds we consider to be unfit or carrying a contagious disease.

Birds will not be let out to free range whilst in our care. They will have access to grass from the safety of their run. Any eggs can be kept for you to collect on your return.

Birds will be cared for to the best of our ability as we would care for our own. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to birds whilst in our care. If your birds become ill we will endeavour to keep the birds comfortable until your return, or take them to the vets at your expense if we feel it necessary to do so. You will be expected to indicate your choice on the booking form. We will not see any bird suffer and will contact you for permission if we feel that a bird needs to be put to sleep.

If birds are not collected at the agreed time then we will keep them safe for you but they may have to be moved into temporary alternative accommodation. If we have not heard from you within 7 days of the expected collection date we will presume that the birds are unwanted and they will be re-homed.

You will be asked to sign to agree to the above terms & conditions on the booking form.






For Sale  -  Feed/Sundries/Poultry Housing

 We have available for sale (Farmgate & Fancy Feeds) :-

Layers Mash

Layers Pellets

Chick Crumb

Mixed Corn

Poultry sundries - feeders, drinkers, grit 

Diatomaceous Earth - highly recommended as an organic pesticide/acaricide for the control of mites on poultry and  housing and as a natural wormer also helps with egg production.

 We can provide a range of traditional poultry housing to order. All housing can be built to your  exact requirements . Please contact for details.


                                                                              Ark with wheels for easy moving